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Meet the VS Team and learn the strategies that make LinkedIn such a  powerful tool!

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The New Branding of

A couple of years ago we began work on a massive new site for Congregation Beit Simchat Torah (CBST) a synagogue in New York for LGBTQ Jews, their families and friends. The synagogue provides services of all kinds to a burgeoning community with lots of different interests and needs, and has a national and international presence in both the media, and among other organizations with which it works to pursue justice and equality for all. When we started, CBST was still using a mish mash of branding materials that had come into being over its 36 years.

With no branding guidelines to go with at the time, we worked with volunteers and staff to create a compelling look for the site. The site itself has amazing features and functionality, including it’s potential for growth (new features coming soon!). Everyone was proud of the work.

But over the past year CBST went through the process of creating a full brand strategy. (Yay!) Of course it was VisibleU’s job to apply it to the site, and we’re quite thrilled with the results. Take a look at the screen shots.

Step one back in 2008 was to build a new, organized, strong that had the technology to expand to meet the needs of this dynamic community. Among those needs were multiple levels of authors and editors, podcasts, organized and dynamic site structure, potential for blogs, and so much more. The greatest challenge was presenting all of the many parts of the organization’s work and community.

The site launched to great response and has worked well over the past year or so. Now the site is newly updated to reflect the new branding (courtesy of the excellent folks at BigDuck). This wasn’t just a matter of changing a few colors. We had to make a lot of small adjustments so that the site didn’t simply reflect the new colors, but reflected the whole look and feel that the branding process came up with.

Welcome to the new home of Hiring the Internet

Welcome to the new home of Hiring the Internet

Surprise! Over the weekend, we’ve launched a whole new home for our marketing news blog. Everything that used to be over at can now be found all in one place here at

Hiring the Internet’s been around since the beginning of 2007 (that’s forever in internet years) and we’re really proud of the loyal following of readers we’ve gained in that time. We get thousands of visits from people like you every month, looking for some advice or insight in web marketing. We’ll be continuing to give you everything you’ve come to expect with our new blog.

Our goal is to deliver a nicer experience, with easier access to both news about us, and our regular and super-informative and probably-researched articles on Internet Marketing.

A brief tour of our new features:

  • A slick new homepage at where you can see our most recent posts highlighted (making use of some fun new CSS3 design tricks!)
  • Nice big images, both as lead-ins to our most recent posts, as well as in the headline for every post.
  • Re-organized and condensed categories. You can see them listed at the left. Each category has it’s own accompanying icon, that appears next to the title on every page a post is listed. Click an icon to see the most recent posts in that category.
  • All the old posts on have been seamlessly redirected to their new URLs. Good for our readers, and good for SEO. Everyone’s happy.

Like the new look? Hate it? We’d love to hear your feedback.

Workshops done for the summer

Our free workshop program in New York has come to a close. We provided training on Internet Marketing and Sales techniques every Wednesday since May. We got great feedback, and we’d like to say thank you the many of you who attended.

While the Workshops are over for now we still have 1 full day Internet Marketing Boot-camp left to give. It’s scheduled for Friday August 6th. There is space available so if you are interested in becoming an Internet Marketing Maven give us a call. Here’s what you’ll learn a the Boot Camp:

  1. Creating an Internet Marketing Strategy

    Learn the most important steps for creating a realistic, actionable, and flexible strategy.
    You will walk away with a marketing road map to bringing in more business.

  2. Connecting with New Prospects

    Attracting prospects and making that first connection is key. If you don’t have prospects
    going into your sales funnel, it doesn’t matter what you do next. We’ll review the What,
    Why, and When of Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Referral
    & Word of Mouth, and Social Media.

  3. Converting Prospects: Putting Communications Marketing to Work for You

    Learn the tricks that great sales and marketing professionals use to turn prospects
    into clients. We’ll show you a process that self optimizes, improves closing rates, and
    actually helps you spend less time while getting more business.

  4. The Most Important Website and Email Design and Optimization Tips

    Years of schooling and experience have taught us that optimizing for human beings is
    much harder than optimizing for search engines. We’ll learn the secrets to converting
    website visitors and email subscribers to contacts and prospects .

  5. Taking Action Now

    You’re all pumped up, you’ve learned the most important things that guide our own
    firm. Now it’s time to harness it all and take action. We’ll work collectively to create
    actions you can take today that will increase your visibility and clients within weeks!

Interested? Call George (646) 213-1442

Square Does Mobile Payments and Video Right Too

Square, the new iPhone / iPad / Android mobile payment system to accept credit cards whenever and wherever you want, has gotten a lot of buzz. It’s simple, it’s cool, it’s useful.

But I’m most excited about their official video. This is one of the best (it would be the best, but I have to give the top spot to our own video) This is a video done right. It is clean. It is clear. It is beautifully done. Take a look and tell us what you think about the video or service.

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Come to a Free Workshop in New York

Note: These free workshops are done for the summer. Read the update here. [Updated July 8, 2010]

VisibleU & Sales Partners New York

Recently, I was sitting around and thinking about how I would use the amazing information I recently learned at a Sales Partner workshop. I was motivated and I had some new tools. I want to continue to grow VisibleU and while I have a great product, staff and market reach, our sales department can use improvement (I can say this because Sales reports to me).

At about the same time, Dano over at Sales Partners NY was thinking that he has a great product, staff and sales capability, but thought he’d like to improve his company’s market reach. He remembered meeting me and was thinking of getting together to talk about his Internet Marketing needs.

Sign up for the Free Cash Flow Explosion WorkshopAs we sat down to talk about helping each other, it dawned on us that we are not that different from our customers. We’re really good at our core business and need help in other areas. Our strengths are Sales, Marketing and Business Building. Who doesn’t need that? So, we decided to join forces and share our strengths with our peers.

We’ve created an action-packed, motivational 2 hour workshop to help you grow your business faster and more consistently than you’ve ever imagined. And, we’re making it free. There is a catch: You have to come to the workshop in mid-town Manhattan. Yes, this is a live event with real people in a room and a great opportunity to learn.

In the workshop you will learn:

  • The six critical elements needed to run a successful business
  • Ten tips for Online success in 2010
  • How to sell more in any economy
  • How to get more customers
  • The six necessary steps to every effective sales process
  • How to hire the Internet to work for you.

Workshops will start at 9:00am and end at 11:00am and will include some networking. The coffee’s on us. Sign up today.

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