Are You in the Loopt?

LooptWhen Serena van der Woodsen asked on-again-off-again beau Dan Humphrey how he found her at The Oak Room on the season finale of “Gossip Girl,” he replied that he Loopt her.

Now, we’re savvy enough to know that his choice of verb wasn’t part of GG’s growing database of original vocabulary, but we’ll admit that we’d never heard of Loopt before. So, like millions of other fans, as the curtain closed on the characters’ final moments of high school, we opened up our Macbook and did a Google search. Sure enough, Loopt exists – and unlike most of the other things that fill the lives of Manhattan’s elite – it’s available to the general public, and for free.


We know what you’re thinking – “Not another goshforsaken social networking application.” Well, yeah, it is. But it’s not just any application. Loopt is social GPS, allowing people who are connected to you through the service to find out where you are and what you’re doing. And if you’re on Facebook and Twitter, you can link the accounts, so when you update your Loopt status it automatically updates your Facebook status and issues a tweet. Thus, it’s three-in-one, ultimately saving you time from having to update each separately. And it works on all major mobile carriers and over 100 phone models. You can even attach photos to your Loopt status updates – if only to make your friends jealous when you’ve experienced a drive-by Chace Crawfording in your hometown. Be still our envious heart!

This all sounds a little Big Brotherish, for sure. But, let’s face it, Big Brother is already watching you, so avoiding Loopt isn’t going to prevent the government from swooping down in an unmarked, black chopper and scooping you up to erase your memory at an abandoned warehouse deep below the Earth’s surface.

In the meantime, why not Loopt your way through your neighborhood haunts while informing your loyal followers just how fab you are? What else would you do while you’re at a bar or having dinner – engage in real conversation with your in-person companions?

That’s soooo 20th century.


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