The Online Marketing Cash Funnel

What is the online marketing cash funnel you ask?  Simple: low-cost online marketing solutions that help your company meet and exceed its business objectives.

Though the Internet has been around for a long time, many companies are still struggling with how to take advantage of online marketing to improve their business.  For this reason, we decided to expose the elephant in the room and put together a survey to see how you could use online marketing to begin funneling success to your business.

When we recently surveyed 97 small businesses in and around New York, the overall question was simple: Is your website meeting your business objectives?  To answer, we asked these 97 businesses 9 important questions to discover whether the elephant was being ignored or whether it was being leveraged for success.

The results laid it out in plain English: Companies with Internet Marketing Strategies in place more often report that their website is meeting their business objectives.


A Little Strategy Goes a Long Way

Of companies that reported that their website was meeting business objectives, 53% update their website weekly, and 72% update their site at least monthly.  Whether or not SEO is part of their marketing strategy, frequent updates help keep search engines hungry and coming back for more.  Even more importantly, updates keep the site fresh and relevant, showing a visitor that behind this site is a company that is constantly innovating and improving.


Think of your company’s site like a house: if you don’t fix the house up on a routine basis, it’s eventually going to fall apart on you.  If you don’t ever change anything, visitors will begin yawning and searching for something new and different.  By keeping your content exciting and dynamic, you will bring the, “Wow,” factor to your clients while also improving your standing with search engines: a nice double play for your business.

Perhaps the most worrying of the data collected in our survey is that only 33% of companies reported that their website is meeting business objectives and 11% aren’t sure whether their business objectives are being met.  Having a clear-cut strategy to reach your website goals is extremely important and each Internet Marketing practice should work towards those goals.

Four of the focal pillars in Internet Marketing are email, blogging, PPC, and SEO. In a study by, email marketing and SEO ranked as the best ROI for business in Q4 of 2008.  Accordingly, we can see in the chart below that a majority of companies reported that email and SEO marketing were the best practices used to meet their business objectives.


When looking at your company, are you meeting your business objectives?  What Internet Marketing practices do you use?  Which Internet practices are most successful?  Asking yourself these types of questions will help you identify where you are having success and where you need to improve.

The B2B vs. B2C Myth

We commonly hear that the Internet is good for B2C businesses, but bad for B2B… a lot of people also believe in flying pigs, but you don’t hear us touting that line.  Survey results show that a near equal number of respondents in B2B and B2C companies had the same experiences down the line.


As you can see, the B2B and B2C results are corollary, so you can tell your rumor-spreading coworkers to stop crying wolf on that one.

Building Your Golden Funnel

The Internet is the main mode of communication in the 21st century. These days, you can do just about anything online.  We’ve gone from on-site malls to, from garage sales to, and these same opportunities apply when considering offline to online marketing.  Not taking advantage of the ever-expansive web means missing opportunities and provides more chances for your competitors to tie your shoelaces together when you’re not looking.

There is a lot of work to do when funneling Internet Marketing success to your company.  As nerdy as it might sound, helping your company’s Internet Marketing is what we know, what we do and what we are incredibly passionate about.  We are just happy that we can help you out on the journey!

The full results of the survey:



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