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Holiday e-Card Rundown

We’re a couple of weeks into the new year already, but I trust nobody will complain if I take a moment (now that I have one) to do a quick roundup of some of the holiday e-cards we worked on over the recent festive season.

Our approach this year was to create unique and funny cards that people enjoy getting and would remember seeing. Our e-cards generally get about the same open rates as other emails we do for the same company, but they consistently got higher forward rates. For some background on what we’ve done in the past, check out last year’s post on the subject.
Pretty pictures after the cut…


Marketing a Small Business on a Tight Budget

It’s been a rough year for everyone in this economy, but business must go on. For people with a small business, that may mean finding a way to reach new customers, with a minimal marketing investment.

So if you find yourself looking for way to grow your customer base on a tight budget, don’t despair – you’ve got options.

You may feel that the big turnkey marketing options aren’t on the table. You can’t afford to advertise, at least not in the places or amounts that will make a difference – avenues like PPC may bring you results if you can afford to invest significantly ( alot depends on your industry), and print and other media can have an intimidating price tag for a business trying to save money.

blobPeopleSo where does that leave you? Well, these days, the name of the game for many people is Making Personal Connections. The idea is, you may not be able to get your message out to every person on the planet all at once, but if you can reach a small group, and make them really feel connected to you and your business, then they may help you spread your customer base for you. You may not bring in the massive numbers of a big-budget campaign, but the people you do reach may be much more likely to become your customers. Continue reading ‘Marketing a Small Business on a Tight Budget’

How Web 2.0 Technologies Took Over the 2000s

6a00d8346082fd69e200e5549177268834-800wiAnother year is quickly coming to a close.

But it’s not just any year to which we’re saying so long. It’s the last year in a tumultuous decade that defined (and in some cases) redefined how we’ll do business into the foreseeable future.

eMarketer released a study recently, based on the results of McKinsey Quarterly’s “Global Survey,” on measuring the business effects of Web 2.0. What they found just about sums up the past 10 years of technological advances in business best practices, considering that much of what’s on this list didn’t exist when the ball dropped on the very last second of 1999 – several technologies were a boon for relationships among employees as well as with customers and external partners.

Take a look at the results after the jump.

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The Number One Email Inhibitor

How many unread emails do you have in your in-box and what was your reason for ignoring them? Has your mother been emailing about how you don’t call enough? Are you ignoring online bills? Are you being solicited by men who need you to wire them $100,000 because they have been unjustly exiled from their home country?

Many recipients either unsubscribe or simply stop reading emails from online marketers. Year-after-year, in-box clutter has been the number one reason people resist emails, but this year, things have been turned on their head. A 2008 study from Marketingsherpa’s email summit in Miami has determined that in-box clutter is not the biggest problem – the problem is relevance.

Email Inhibitor

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Welcome To An Award-Winning Viral Campaign!

There have been many famous primates in entertainment over the years: Mighty Joe Young, King Kong, and George W. Bush. Curious George also enjoyed a number of years in the limelight and made a recent 2006 appearance  starring in his very own film… but all of these primates have been outshone. Welcome to the age of the Careerbuilder monkey.

In 2006, Careerbuilder created an award-winning viral email campaign called Monk-e-Mail by using its popular “monkey” TV creative and adapting it for online use. By using compelling creative and spending zero media dollars , Careerbuilder was able to craft an incredibly successful viral email campaign. To this day, Careerbuilder’s viral campaign is still running strong and has been sent from user-to-user and parodied countless times. Your business can learn from Careerbuilder when putting together its own viral campaign.

Careerbuilder’s Viral Monk-e-Mail Campaign Background

The Monk-e-Mail Creative:
Careerbuilder’s viral campaign creative featured a landing page to attract customers using its established “Working With Monkeys” creative. The page directed you to create a custom accessorized monkey (wigs included!), record a message, and send it to your friends, family, or coworkers for their amusement.

Career Builder's Monk-E-Mail Site

Career Builder's Monk-e-Mail Site

The Monk-e-Mail Media:
With a media budget of $0  dollars, the only way to hear about Monk-e-Mail was to receive an email from a friend, hear about it via word-of-mouth, find it through Careerbuilder’s website, or read about it in the press.

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Poll: Best Week for E-Commerce Holiday Sales

pollbadgeWe’ve written a lot about holiday marketing lately, and we figured it’s time to find out how other online marketers are faring in the face of the financial crunch.

As we previously reported, Cyber Monday made gains this year, but according to industry analysts the highest sales of the season may not have come until earlier this week. Still, while conjecture and hypothesis is valuable, we’d like to get real results from real marketers .

Did you launch an e-campaign to boost holidays sales? Did you see more traffic on Cyber Monday versus Dec. 15 or later? Or maybe the week of Dec. 8 fared more favorable for you. Take our poll and let us know which week received the highest response rates for your campaigns.

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