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Square Does Mobile Payments and Video Right Too

Square, the new iPhone / iPad / Android mobile payment system to accept credit cards whenever and wherever you want, has gotten a lot of buzz. It’s simple, it’s cool, it’s useful.

But I’m most excited about their official video. This is one of the best (it would be the best, but I have to give the top spot to our own video) This is a video done right. It is clean. It is clear. It is beautifully done. Take a look and tell us what you think about the video or service.

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CNN Explains 'Cloud Computing'

cloudcomputingEver wonder what happens to your photos after you upload them to your computer? Trust us, it’s a little less “Matrix” than you think.

Your photos don’t actually float around in cyberspace as commonly thought. They’re stored in a central database in a warehouse (or “server farm”) so you can access them anytime you want via your favorite photo-sharing site like Flickr, Picasa or Facebook.

A recent video from CNN – which is available after the jump – explains cloud computing in layman’s terms. With illustrations of a dog named Frank. Honestly, we couldn’t break it down any easier than these tech gurus. The video details just how and why your photos are kept safe so your memories can last a lifetime – even if your own computer (where most of your photos are stored these days) doesn’t.

Take a look.

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Social-Media Service 'Foursquare' Expected to Break Out in 2010

foursquareAccording to Pete Cashmore, founder and CEO of tech blog “Mashable” and a frequent contributor to, Foursquare – an up-and-coming social-media service – is poised to make its grand debut next year.

Whereas Twitter dominated the tech headlines in 2009 – a rise to prominence that we’ve document here, here and hereCashmore presents the case that Foursquare is making all the right moves to make itself a mainstream hit.

The first – and perhaps most important thing it has on its side – is that it has many Twitter connections that are sure to help it gain a foothold across the social media landscape. Cashmore writes:

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George on What's different about VU

George Hermann, Internet Marketer

George Hermann, Internet Marketer

We’ve been teasing you a bit with hints about our upcoming launch Code Name: VU.  It’s time for another one, and we think you’ll enjoy it. First, it’s time to let you know, VU stands for VisibleU.  It’s huge, it’s awesome, it’s rad, and it’s almost ready.

George Hermann, co-founder of VU was in my office discussing our marketing philosophy and what makes VU different.  I liked what he was saying so I turned on my mic (always on my desk – another clue) and recorded the rest of his thought.  No editing, no second takes, no scripts.  Just George.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Listen to the audio after the jump…
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Social Network Marketing Is About Brand Building, Not Bringin' in the Benjamins

105467“What can social network marketing do for me?”

We get asked that question a lot.

In fact, as early as last week, during our social media seminar, we were asked why social networking is important and how it can help individual companies.

A few years ago there were few answers to these questions. The buzz was there – that social networking was the be-all-end-all to every industry – but no one had solid results on how social network marketing helped or hurt a company’s bottom line.

Today the story is very different. As more and more businesses add social media to their marketing programs, the more available real results have become. Perhaps not in terms of actual financial figures, but rest assured that social network marketing is working in other ways to help companies keep a hold on their customers.

A new survey from Anderson Analytics, disseminated by eMarketer, reports that social networks are being used by companies for branding, improving customer loyalty, lead generation, direct marketing and e-commerce.

And now for the best news you’ve heard in a while … it’s working!


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How 'Bout a (Social Media) Revolution?

SocialMediaRevolution1In anticipation of tomorrow’s Visible Shops seminar, “Small Business Social Media: Find Your Next Client” – (which still has room for YOU, by the way) – we thought the following video was appropriate.

It has tons of facts and statistics about social media (that will help you persuade the powers-that-be that this isn’t just a fad), its relevance to today’s society, and how the movement may mean more to the world than the Industrial Revolution did 200 years ago.

And if you’re one of those folks who consider yourself a social media guru – you know all things Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN – think again. You’ll be surprised at the odd yet intriguing finds this video presents.


Take a look:

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Why Isn't Anyone 'Flock'ing?

FlockAs of July 2009, Mozilla’s Firefox accounted for nearly 23% of all browser usage – making it the second most popular Web browser worldwide behind Microsoft’s many versions of Internet Explorer, which claim 68% of the browser-usage pie.

While these two browsers are the most popular, there are several others – including Opera, Chrome and Safari – which begs the question, is there room for anybody else?

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