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Square Does Mobile Payments and Video Right Too

Square, the new iPhone / iPad / Android mobile payment system to accept credit cards whenever and wherever you want, has gotten a lot of buzz. It’s simple, it’s cool, it’s useful.

But I’m most excited about their official video. This is one of the best (it would be the best, but I have to give the top spot to our own video) This is a video done right. It is clean. It is clear. It is beautifully done. Take a look and tell us what you think about the video or service.

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10 tips for 2010: The New Era of Communication Marketing

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Ten steps to greater exposure in 2010

  1. Strategy
  2. Link Building
  3. Community – Participate
  4. Community – Build
  5. Communicate – Blog
  6. Communicate – Email
  7. Make it Personal
  8. Talk the Talk
  9. Give it Time
  10. Review & Analyze

2010 is going to be great! Am I just an optimist? Nope. I simply have a plan for my marketing. 2010 marketing is going to be all about communication. “Wait!” you say. “2009 was all about communication!” It’s true, but 2009 was a year of introductions. Twitter really hit its stride and the fad calmed. Facebook exploded and has become practically ubiquitous. LinkedIn is no longer just a place for the technologically ambitious networker. The Mobile Web is something we’re all actually experiencing (Thank you Apple and Google). The past couple of years have been a tipping point for the Internet. We are now in a new era of interactivity and understanding. Across generations and levels of geekdom, the web and its 2.0/Social Media interactivity have become a part of daily life.

So for marketing, 2010 will be not about the hype, the fads, the technology. It will be about using these technologies to better communicate and connect with our markets. This is a year in which marketers and consumers are in sync when it comes to platforms and expectations. There will be amazing technological advances and new services for sure (The iPad, Google Buzz). But we have finally reached a widespread sense of comfort with both the technologies and styles of the interactive web.
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CNN Explains 'Cloud Computing'

cloudcomputingEver wonder what happens to your photos after you upload them to your computer? Trust us, it’s a little less “Matrix” than you think.

Your photos don’t actually float around in cyberspace as commonly thought. They’re stored in a central database in a warehouse (or “server farm”) so you can access them anytime you want via your favorite photo-sharing site like Flickr, Picasa or Facebook.

A recent video from CNN – which is available after the jump – explains cloud computing in layman’s terms. With illustrations of a dog named Frank. Honestly, we couldn’t break it down any easier than these tech gurus. The video details just how and why your photos are kept safe so your memories can last a lifetime – even if your own computer (where most of your photos are stored these days) doesn’t.

Take a look.

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Social-Media Service 'Foursquare' Expected to Break Out in 2010

foursquareAccording to Pete Cashmore, founder and CEO of tech blog “Mashable” and a frequent contributor to, Foursquare – an up-and-coming social-media service – is poised to make its grand debut next year.

Whereas Twitter dominated the tech headlines in 2009 – a rise to prominence that we’ve document here, here and hereCashmore presents the case that Foursquare is making all the right moves to make itself a mainstream hit.

The first – and perhaps most important thing it has on its side – is that it has many Twitter connections that are sure to help it gain a foothold across the social media landscape. Cashmore writes:

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Website Design: It's not the Mona Lisa

This is something we deal with a lot: getting a design just right for both the client and the objective for the site. Well, we just wanted to take a moment and give you our design advice in a nutshell:

  1. Hire someone you trust, and trust them.
  2. It’s not the Mona Lisa so don’t stare at it (no one else will)
  3. Make sure it matches your other marketing and branding (and if it’s your first branding, then make sure the elements – color, theme, logo – translate well to print.)
  4. Make sure it’s all about visitors to your site and getting them to react the way you plan (contact you, join a newsletter, buy something)
  5. Keep it flexible so you can add content, sections, and change its message to match your marketing.
  6. Do a Marilyn Monroe: Ms. Monroe used to get dressed, put on her jewelry, and then take off the first thing that caught her eye in the mirror. Do this with your website. When the design is done, take away the flashiest design element. Then make sure the most prominent thing left is your call to action.

Websites are the core of today’s business strategy, and they should be looked at with an eye for business and marketing. You will get better results over a longer term.

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