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Using LinkedIn to Build Your Small Business

imagesOver at “The Internet Strategist,” one of Inc. magazine’s featured blogs, writer Maisha Walker has been hard at work on a series of posts dedicated to helping small businesses use LinkedIn as a sales tool.

Everyone has their own way of using the site to his or her advantage, but Walker’s list of power tools is great for anyone using LinkedIn to cultivate new business, network or keep up with existing contacts – and the competition.

Take a look at this comprehensive rundown of what you may or may not be doing to make the most of your presence on the professional networking scene.

Once you’ve studied it – and thought of ways to integrate the techniques into your own marketing strategy – feel free to read some of the LinkedIn success stories Walker has uncovered.

Just think … with the proper attention to detail, someday soon a similar story could be yours!

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Are You an Annoying Facebooker?

FacebookFor all the wonderment that comes from Facebook – we’re hooked on FarmVille! – there are even more annoying aspects to the popular social networking site. Like all the app requests you receive on a daily basis. Virtual chug, anyone?

But for all of Facebook’s idiosyncrasies, none are more annoying than the people who use it.

In the video below (after the jump), CNN correspondent Josh Levs unveils the 12 most annoying types of Facebookers. Watch it and ask yourself if you fit into one of these categories. Chances are, you do. Even we’re guilty of committing a couple of these Facebook “crimes.”

Can’t win ’em all…

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Study Shows Demographic Differences in Internet Marketing Priorities

linked_in_logoA recent poll on LinkedIn, published by freelance marketing advisor Carlos Redlich, revealed some rather interesting results.

In an attempt to narrow the focus of an e-book he’s preparing, Redlich asked members of the professional networking site to answer the question “What Are Your Biggest Questions On Internet Marketing?” They had five categories from which to choose:

-Hypnotic Copywriting
-The All Mighty Salesletter
-Magnetic Marketing Strategies
-Organic SEO For Top Results
-I Want it ALL!

Not surprisingly, of the 182 people who participated in the poll (the number of respondents just before this post was published), 35% said they ‘Want it ALL,’ with another 25% preferring ‘Magnetic Marketing Strategies.’ The other half chose more specific interests as you’ll see on the graph after the jump.

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Social Network Marketing Spending to Increase in 2009

Social Network Marketing Spending to Increase in 2009

Emarketer projected that Social Network Marketing spending in the USA will reach approximSocial Media Graphately $1.3 billion in 2009.

On one hand, the growth for Social Network Marketing has slowed from 2008 to 2009 with the sluggishness being attributed to both the economic downturn as well as the plateau in the number of  new member applications. On the other hand, projections for 2009 show that 25% of US small businesses plan on spending more, 33% plan on continuing their current spending, and only 5% are planning on spending less. Though companies are cutting budgets and costs during these tumultuous times, projections indicate online marketing is doing better than other areas of the economy and is still a major focus for small business.

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Social Networking and Your Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama

Social Networking and Your Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama

Perhaps we can turn to one of the most famous men in the world to educate us about the merits of Social Networking and business: Barack Obama. Obama’s campaign was able to market its brand through Social Networking to gain a sizable and distinct advantage over its political opponents during the 2008 presidential campaign.

At an early stage in 2007, Obama sought the advice of Netscape founder and Facebook board member Marc Andreessen about how to best take advantage of Social Networking. The consultation prompted the Obama machine to tap into more than 200 social sites to reign over the competition when it came to Social Networking campaigning.

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Orkut: Not as Popular as Myspace or Facebook, but Still Worth Your Time

Orkut: Not as Popular as Myspace or Facebook, but Still Worth Your Time

The name “Orkut” sounds like some kind of mysterious JK Rowling creature…but when you get down to it, so does “Google.” happens to be Google’s original Social Networking site named after its creator, and employee of Google – Orkut Büyükkökten. The three top countries that use Orkut are Brazil, India and the United States, with Brazilian members making up more than half of the user base.

Competing with the big heavy sites like MySpace and Facebook has limited Orkut’s impact within the US market, but Google has continued to add exciting new features to stimulate user satisfaction, activity and new applications. Throughout 2008, some new features that have been added range from chatting (via Google Talk), to mobile, to enabling private forums.

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Take Our 2008 Online Marketing Survey

Red pencil and questionnaireRecently we conducted an in-person survey at the 2008 NY XPO, where we asked passersby – mostly SMB owners – about how Internet marketing is helping them meet their business objectives. The results were varied, but the survey itself was such a success that we decided to open it up to a larger audience.

So – before we analyze the acquired data and publish it in an upcoming e-newsletter, we hope you’ll take 30 seconds to complete this survey too. We’d love to hear how entrepreneurs from all over America approach Internet marketing. The survey is quick, easy and – if we do say so ourselves – sort of fun … if you’re into this sort of thing.

P.S. The results of this survey will be 100% anonymous. Your secrets are safe with us.

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