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Web Service Highlight: Emma

One of the main questions we get asked by our members is what sort of technology or service they should be working with. It wasn’t that long ago that you’d need an in-house development team to power your internet marketing. Now, there are so many good and reliable web services out there, that it’s entirely possible for a small business to get big business results without their own tech staff. We use a number of different online services here at VisibleU, and we can’t give you a much stronger endorsement than to let you know what we trust our own business with. So this will be the first in a series of posts where we highlight a web service or piece of software we use regularly.

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CNN Explains 'Cloud Computing'

cloudcomputingEver wonder what happens to your photos after you upload them to your computer? Trust us, it’s a little less “Matrix” than you think.

Your photos don’t actually float around in cyberspace as commonly thought. They’re stored in a central database in a warehouse (or “server farm”) so you can access them anytime you want via your favorite photo-sharing site like Flickr, Picasa or Facebook.

A recent video from CNN – which is available after the jump – explains cloud computing in layman’s terms. With illustrations of a dog named Frank. Honestly, we couldn’t break it down any easier than these tech gurus. The video details just how and why your photos are kept safe so your memories can last a lifetime – even if your own computer (where most of your photos are stored these days) doesn’t.

Take a look.

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Is there really no page fold?

scrollThis has been all over Twitter lately – if you haven’t already seen it:

People seem to be passing this around, along with comments along the lines of “amen!” and “send someone to this the next time they make a know-it-all-comment about putting something above the fold on your site design!” As someone who talks about designing around the fold a fair deal, I had kind of a squinty-eyed suspicious sort of reaction to these comments, but I also started thinking about it.

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Men Quicker to Drop Traditional Media, According to Recent Study

A few months ago we introduced you to Marketing Charts, a go-to resource for all kinds of marketing data.

In that post, we mentioned a study by TargetCast tcm that Marketing Charts featured, the results of which suggested that men are more likely to ditch traditional media in favor of digital. According to the consumer trend study, “men are more likely than women to say that the Internet has replaced their need to read printed newspapers and magazines, and also more likely to be willing to pay for a subscription to an online newspaper or for a service to watch online TV with limited ads.”

Perhaps it’s this study that Hulu’s banking on to keep its business model alive when it goes green (as in pay-per-view) next year. But we digress.

The study goes on to detail how engagement in both traditional and digital media differs by gender as well. “Overall, men generally are more willing than women to adapt their usage habits to incorporate more digital and online platforms as replacements for traditional media,” claims the article on “In addition to increased willingness to trade in traditional newspapers, magazines and TV for digital, 34% of men – compared with just 23% of women – say radio is not as relevant to them today because there are so many other sources for music.”

The difference, however, is not limited to gender. There’s an age gap also – specifically between ages 18 to 34 and 35 and older. The study reveals that:

  • Adults ages 18-34 are more likely to have replaced newspapers and magazines with internet content, while adults older than 25 are more likely to consider magazines and newspapers as valuable sources of information.
  • Adults ages 18-24 are more likely to say radio is not as relevant and that they prefer reading magazines online. This age group also indicates they don’t mind watching ads when watching TV programs online.
  • Adults aged 18-34 are more likely than other consumer groups to consider advertising on the internet influential in their purchase decisions.

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Find an Expert in Your Network with Aardvark

AardvarkYou can add another new social networking application to your growing list with Aardvark, which helps you discover the perfect person in your network to answer any question in minutes.

According to the site, founded by former Google employees, “When you want trusted information — product recommendations, travel suggestions, local tips, or career advice — a real conversation with a friend (or friend-of-friend) can be much more helpful than searching the web.

“Aardvark is easy: just send Aardvark a question in plain English, like you do when talking to a friend. Aardvark figures out who might be able to answer, and asks on your behalf — Aardvark is the hub.” But until recently, Aardvark was a below-the-radar search service that gave its beta users just one invitation per month. Ready to emerge from is secretive shroud, however, the service is now giving users an unlimited amount of invites.

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