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10 Marketing Strategies for a Small Business in 2010

Web site marketingTake a look! We just published a video and white paper with ten things you should focus on for your 2010 online marketing. This list will give you some marketing issues to consider, and will be a good starting point for planning your web site marketing.

You’re going to love it – so check it out and spread the word!

How Web 2.0 Technologies Took Over the 2000s

6a00d8346082fd69e200e5549177268834-800wiAnother year is quickly coming to a close.

But it’s not just any year to which we’re saying so long. It’s the last year in a tumultuous decade that defined (and in some cases) redefined how we’ll do business into the foreseeable future.

eMarketer released a study recently, based on the results of McKinsey Quarterly’s “Global Survey,” on measuring the business effects of Web 2.0. What they found just about sums up the past 10 years of technological advances in business best practices, considering that much of what’s on this list didn’t exist when the ball dropped on the very last second of 1999 – several technologies were a boon for relationships among employees as well as with customers and external partners.

Take a look at the results after the jump.

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Preparing Your Site for the Holiday Season

sug_0006_gifAfter the major disappointment that was last December, retailers will be spending more time and energy this year in preparing their Web sites for the holiday season.

You might be thinking though, how can I compete with major retailers whose sites are all shiny and sleek? Trust us, even the shiniest, sleekest sites have their problems. And their oversights could be your gain.

So what exactly should you do to prepare your site for the holiday season.

In an article on, James Gardner details a few important steps you should take now to help stay ahead of the curve a month from now.

1. Don’t Forget the Basics

A common mistake that most retailers make, says Gardner – and we agree – is that too many times they concentrate their energy on a particular promotion or holiday campaign. But what about the rest of the site? What happens when all those people who are impressed by the company’s Christmas creativity can’t access others parts of the site because of poor functionality? Well, they answer, all too often, is that leave. They don’t want to be bother with a slow site that isn’t working correctly.

So, before you go spending all your resources on your holiday push, go through your site – meticulously – to make sure that everything is in working order. Make sure there are no unnecessary obstacles that stand in the way of consumer and checkout. Make sure that they have no reason to leave your site because of broken links and videos or images that don’t load. You owe it to yourself and your customers.

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Is Social Networking Separated by Social Class?

092909_facebookrichThat’s what a new Nielsen Claritas study suggests.

The study says that there are class differences among users of social networks – particularly Facebook and MySpace. Wealthier people are 25% more likely to use the former, while the less affluent are 37% more likely to cling to the latter.

More specifically, the research found that “almost 23 percent of Facebook users earn more than $100,000 a year, compared to slightly more than 16% of MySpace users. On the other end of the spectrum, 37 percent of MySpace members earn less than $50,000 annually, compared with about 28% of Facebook users.”

MySpace users tend to be “in middle-class, blue-collar neighborhoods,” said Mike Mancini, vice president of data product management for Nielsen, which used an online panel of more than 200,000 social media users in the United States in August. “They’re on their way up, or perhaps not college educated.”

LinkedIn and Twitter were also part of the study – and the two skew even higher among affluent users.

Nearly 38% of LinkedIn users earn more than $100,000 a year, and there’s a strong overlap between Facebook and LinkedIn users.


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MarketingCharts Help with Internet Research

hitwise-2009-september-print-media-websitesIf you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that we use a lot of statistics and facts to present compelling cases for all manner of arguments regarding Internet marketing.

Of course, we don’t make that data up. No, we use sources such as eMarketer, MarketingProfs and other research entities that compile information that allow us to draw conclusions and provide our two cents on various topics on advertising and marketing across channels but especially online.

Unless you’re a subscriber to these services, however, you may not have access to all the information they hold. Information that can help you when planning your own marketing campaigns or campaigns for clients.

A great resource that we’ve found – which is available to everyone – is MarketingCharts, charts and data for marketers in Web and Excel formats.

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Online Media Statistics from The Economist – "Shift Happens"

economist_logoLast month we posted a video with all kinds of statistics about online media and the Internet.

There was a minor debate over the validity of the statistics, because the video was produced as a marketing piece by an author who’s selling a book on the same subject.

This video from The Economist, however – from its periodic series “Did you know?” – shouldn’t leave much room for argument. The Economist is nothing if not reputable – and this video contains up-to-the-minute info on where we’re headed in this digital revolution. Truly exciting stuff!

Watch the video after the jump.

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The Good & Bad of the ‘Twitter Effect’

bruno-movie-01Way back in April, we published a post titled “Is Tweeting for the Birds?” That was when Twitter was just becoming the phenomenon it is now – thanks to lots of press from celebrity endorsers.

Our open-ended question to you then – despite the star-studded brouhaha over the brand – was if you thought Twitter would become a relevant and reliable tool for marketing businesses on the Internet.

It seems – and our apologies to the naysayers – that the answer is yes.

Several months have passed since Ashton Kutcher and CNN famously duked it out for the most Twitter followers (Ashton won) – and the celebrity endorsements have consistently subsided (and, in fact, some of those same celebrities who sang Twitter’s praises have threatened to turn on the microblogging service if it went through with a rumored Twitter-based TV program).

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