The biggest buzzword around these days is Social Media Marketing (OK, buzzphrase). But while everyone is talking about it, few have seen real results. Why? Just like the rest of your marketing, focusing on the technology is not the answer. At VisibleU we’ll help you use social media the right way, with a focus on your goals, your market, and your resources. We approach Social Media marketing with the same marketing methodology that help our small business clients realize value from their web presence.

Planning and Analysis

It’s easy to start an account on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkeIn. But now what? VisibleU can help you create a straightforward plan for using these tools to increase your bottom line. And we can give away the secret: a great strategy will be one that fits naturally into your existing infrastructure, including your personality and resources. Social Media marketing is about leveraging your network and entering a more personal space of that network. We can help you do it respectfully, consistently and productively.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

You can’t turn on the TV without hearing about Twitter and Facebook. And everyone has a LinkedIn profile, but few have really gained much from it. That’s going to change. The truth is that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all about one thing: connecting with people. VisibleU provides the guidance, content development, monitoring, and technology to help you get the most out of these networks. From Status updates to contests, integrating with your other marketing, and measuring results, VisibleU supports you in figuring out both If and How you should be using this medium, and provides all of the resources you need to do it.


Love YouTube? Never been on YouTube? YouTube isn’t just about hosting a video, it’s about getting a message across. Our first step is to help come up with an appropriate video, whether its funny, serious, a commercial or documentary, and whether it’s professionally produced or made at home. Then we plan on how we’re going to get it out there and get the most out of it to attract the right visitors to your website. Perhaps it’s time for a video tour of your service, a short documentary about your work, a funny skit, or a regular videocast. VisibleU is with you to make YouTube and other online video marketing work for you.

Building a Following

Our team will work with you to build a following on whichever social networks you decide are right for you.  We can do the work for you, support the work you do, or a combination of the two. Building a community around your services or products isn’t just for the big guys. This is a key technique in business success. But you have to do it right, and make it right for you.


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