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Study Shows Demographic Differences in Internet Marketing Priorities

linked_in_logoA recent poll on LinkedIn, published by freelance marketing advisor Carlos Redlich, revealed some rather interesting results.

In an attempt to narrow the focus of an e-book he’s preparing, Redlich asked members of the professional networking site to answer the question “What Are Your Biggest Questions On Internet Marketing?” They had five categories from which to choose:

-Hypnotic Copywriting
-The All Mighty Salesletter
-Magnetic Marketing Strategies
-Organic SEO For Top Results
-I Want it ALL!

Not surprisingly, of the 182 people who participated in the poll (the number of respondents just before this post was published), 35% said they ‘Want it ALL,’ with another 25% preferring ‘Magnetic Marketing Strategies.’ The other half chose more specific interests as you’ll see on the graph after the jump.

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