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Does Your Company’s Graph, Poll or Chart Need a Makeover?

Make your visual aids more simple and easy-to-use.

Don’t you want to get rid of that bowl cut your friend has been sporting since 6th grade? Sometimes visual aids, like people, need a makeover. Among its many benefits, makeovers can give an unsightly graph a quick touch up, get rid of a poll’s unappealing colors or clear out a chart’s numerical clutter. The whole point of the makeover is to try and make what you have better than what it was before.

It is very important for businesses to make their visual aids very simple and easy-to-use so that audiences instantly understand the reason for them. If the visual aids are not easily understood companies risk having their audiences both miss the message and become alienated.

Get Your Message Across

The inspiration for this blog came as I was reading the daily news online. When I landed on the newsweek homepage, my eyes were drawn to a poll graph that asked whether I was or was not in support of the US bailout plan.


Newsweek Visual Aid - A Poll on the US Bailout

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