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Welcome to the new home of Hiring the Internet

Welcome to the new home of Hiring the Internet

Surprise! Over the weekend, we’ve launched a whole new home for our marketing news blog. Everything that used to be over at can now be found all in one place here at

Hiring the Internet’s been around since the beginning of 2007 (that’s forever in internet years) and we’re really proud of the loyal following of readers we’ve gained in that time. We get thousands of visits from people like you every month, looking for some advice or insight in web marketing. We’ll be continuing to give you everything you’ve come to expect with our new blog.

Our goal is to deliver a nicer experience, with easier access to both news about us, and our regular and super-informative and probably-researched articles on Internet Marketing.

A brief tour of our new features:

  • A slick new homepage at where you can see our most recent posts highlighted (making use of some fun new CSS3 design tricks!)
  • Nice big images, both as lead-ins to our most recent posts, as well as in the headline for every post.
  • Re-organized and condensed categories. You can see them listed at the left. Each category has it’s own accompanying icon, that appears next to the title on every page a post is listed. Click an icon to see the most recent posts in that category.
  • All the old posts on have been seamlessly redirected to their new URLs. Good for our readers, and good for SEO. Everyone’s happy.

Like the new look? Hate it? We’d love to hear your feedback.

10 Marketing Strategies for a Small Business in 2010

Web site marketingTake a look! We just published a video and white paper with ten things you should focus on for your 2010 online marketing. This list will give you some marketing issues to consider, and will be a good starting point for planning your web site marketing.

You’re going to love it – so check it out and spread the word!

Words Matter in Website Copy

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When you’re “surfing the web” you’re reacting to two main parts of every website: What it looks like (design) and what it says (the copy). If you looked at a report of the amount of time you spend on a website, you’d be shocked at how quickly you usually jump from page to page. I once tracked my time and what I thought was whole minutes on pages (because I seemed to have gone through so many pages and remembered so much material) turned out to be a second or two on most pages.

When you’re putting together your web pages, remember that you’re trying to get people to do something. And that is an act of convincing. So, to do that, you have to make sure your website’s content get’s to the point and clearly demonstrates why what you’re offering is what your readers need.

When it comes to SEO copy writing services and navigating the copy writing market, it can be hard to give voice to what you’re looking for. That’s when you find yourself seeking out language to describe the style your after. And that’s when most of us get into language that make the people we’re interviewing or have already hired tilt their heads quizzically and say “uhhhhh, okaaaay.”

Then hands start flying and voices rise, and, well, no one gets what they want. That’s also when you might start looking to do the work yourself and search for “10 steps to high quality copy writing” and “copy writing tips for beginners” and other articles on small business website content writing. After all, you went to college and write beautifully. And with advertising copy writing rates where they are, frustration high, and creative copy writing often feeling a little too “creative”, its easy to start thinking you can do it yourself.

Well, as with everything else in marketing, you need a plan. Copy writing strategies are important because, if nothing else, they force you to ask “What content do I use on my website and what content should I use on my website?” And choosing content for your website is critical to your site’s success.

Whether you’re tackling general web site copy writing or specifically SEO copy writing you need a strategy, you need some high quality website copy writing services in your corner, and you need language to describe what your looking for. Start by reading this fantastic article “Words that Zing” by Colleen Jones. Then do a thorough website content evaluation.

We offer our clients a lot of tips on writing website content, and guidelines for website content. But the key factors are know what you’re trying to accomplish, and being able to communicate that to your copywriter. Hopefully that copywriter is us – but that’s another story 🙂

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Can’t Run With the Big Blogs? That’s OK – There’s Still Room on the Porch

Directing traffic to your blog is like trying to unload tix to an Avril Lavigne concert when the New Kids are performing next door. It’s a formidable task – but it can be done.

Considering, though, that 175,000 new blogs a day are added to the estimated 213 million (and counting) existing English-language blogs already floating around the ’sphere, how do you make your property valuable enough to pique interest and gain a following? Here, a few tips on how to get the most out of your slice of cyber space while retaining more dignity than an angst-rattled pop star.

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What's in a (Domain) Name?

Nowadays, online shoppers expect companies to invest real time and money into their websites. Businesses must make sure they have covered all the basic features of a trustworthy e-commerce site. To name a few: a good About page, a reliable and easy checkout process, and indications that the company has made efforts to protect customer information.

Yet another important e-commerce aspect is currently increasing in value and scarcity: domain names. Continue reading ‘What's in a (Domain) Name?’

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