[audio:http://www.visibleu.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/George-on-Whats-different-about-VU.mp3|titles=George on What’s different about VU]I caught a bit of George talking about VisibleU during a meeting. We’ve decided his off the cuff internal remarks were the best way for you to hear about why you want us to build your online marketing.

George HermannDear small business owner,

You have the best small business of its kind in your target market – your problem is letting everybody else know it.

Most of us (small business owners) have worked hard to make our vision of our company a reality. Once we have our product and can deliver it to our customers for a reasonable profit, we discover the next problem – how to get the word out and continue to bring in new customers. We have to shift from what we’re really good at (our product) to thinking like marketing people. But how do we do that?

Well, here are a few tools available to you right now: Company Newsletter, Email follow-up, Website Analytics, Pay Per Click Advertising, Blogging, Banner Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliates, Social Network Marketing, White Papers, Press Release, YouTube Video, Surveys, Webinars, etc. Do you know what all these tools are? Do you know which ones will work for you? Do you know the cost of implementing any of them? Do you know how they might interact with each other? How would you know if they are working?

If you are sufficiently confused and worried by now, you will grow to love us here at VisibleU. Our mission is to empower you to market effectively online.

We know that you MUST learn to use the Internet effectively. We also know you have limited time, money and knowledge of Internet Marketing.

Our Standard Account is designed for the vast majority of small businesses. It provides the Education, Support and Services that you need to have a successful presence on the Internet.

Some small business owners are just looking to learn more and have a proven methodology to model their efforts on. We offer the Basic Account that is Educationally oriented only and provides no direct support.

Our Premium Account is for small business owners who want the Education, Support, Professional Oversight and Professional services as needed.

You may be thinking, “VisibleU sounds great but are they really committed to my success?”

Our commitment to you: “Positive ROI guaranteed. Period.

So, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Decide which support account is right for you and sign up now.

George Hermann
George Hermann Signature
Director of Marketing & Sales

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