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A couple of years ago we began work on a massive new site for Congregation Beit Simchat Torah (CBST) a synagogue in New York for LGBTQ Jews, their families and friends. The synagogue provides services of all kinds to a burgeoning community with lots of different interests and needs, and has a national and international presence in both the media, and among other organizations with which it works to pursue justice and equality for all. When we started, CBST was still using a mish mash of branding materials that had come into being over its 36 years.

With no branding guidelines to go with at the time, we worked with volunteers and staff to create a compelling look for the site. The site itself has amazing features and functionality, including it’s potential for growth (new features coming soon!). Everyone was proud of the work.

But over the past year CBST went through the process of creating a full brand strategy. (Yay!) Of course it was VisibleU’s job to apply it to the site, and we’re quite thrilled with the results. Take a look at the screen shots.

Step one back in 2008 was to build a new, organized, strong that had the technology to expand to meet the needs of this dynamic community. Among those needs were multiple levels of authors and editors, podcasts, organized and dynamic site structure, potential for blogs, and so much more. The greatest challenge was presenting all of the many parts of the organization’s work and community.

The site launched to great response and has worked well over the past year or so. Now the site is newly updated to reflect the new branding (courtesy of the excellent folks at BigDuck). This wasn’t just a matter of changing a few colors. We had to make a lot of small adjustments so that the site didn’t simply reflect the new colors, but reflected the whole look and feel that the branding process came up with.


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