When you sign up for a VisibleU Support Account, you join a community of people just like you, who are working to grow their businesses online. Through our online portal, you’ll get a library of educational material, multiple internet marketing support options, and access to Internet Marketing professionals and à la carte marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing & Graphic Design.

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Internet Marketing Managed Services

Our Managed Services offering is simple: VisibleU becomes your Internet Marketing department (or part of it), taking care of all of your planning, strategy, research, online campaigns, website, and more. We work with your Owner, Marketing Director, or VP of Development to give you the resources of a full team of Internet Marketing specialists.

What You Need

VisibleU has carefully designed our Managed Services to provide you with the highest level in professional Internet-focused marketing. Through a single point of contact VisibleU becomes your Internet Marketing Department and works to ensure that the Internet is playing a productive and profitable role in your company. Bringing to you a combination of Knowledge, Technology, and Discipline, your Internet Marketing team will work with your in-house marketing efforts and other firms to provide effective strategies and campaigns, including:

and Planning
and Reporting
Email Website
Copywriting Social Network
Search Engine
Blogging Linking
Search Engine

How You Need It

We take an integrative approach so that the Internet becomes an active part of your marketing efforts. Our philosophy: you’ve been around for a while, you’ve proven your success, let’s build on that. We integrate Internet technologies and marketing practices into your existing marketing practices. This often results in more effective and cost-effective marketing. The Internet offers a unique opportunity to communicate in consistent ways that reflect your company as it grows, changes, adjusts, and innovates. Your Internet presence should help you reach new customers as well as support your sales cycle. Whether your prospects are referrals, past clients, responding to print advertising or trade shows, the Internet should streamline and improve the conversion process.

Knowing, Doing, Reviewing

Our method is a process, not a project, so allow us to explain how we carry out your Internet Marketing.

Planning Implementation Management
We will create an Internet Marketing Strategy that is right for where your company is today and where it’s trying to go tomorrow. Through working with the right people in your firm and our research and marketing know-how, our team will help your Internet Presence become a real asset. We take care of it. From research to graphic design, website updates to emails, search engine optimization to blogging, as a Managed Services client, you don’t have to worry about it. Our team will implement all of the pieces of your Internet Marketing needs.With in-house staff and hand-picked vendors, VisibleU can take care of making sure the Internet is really working for you. Marketing is an ongoing process, not a single project. We continuously monitor, analyze, and update all of your Internet Marketing efforts. Ongoing management of campaigns and strategies means keeping up with best practices and a more effective program to build your business. We’re in it for the long haul and believe that your success is our success.

Let’s Talk

We’re an Internet Marketing firm of a different kind. And we want to be your Internet Marketing Department. If Managed Services sounds like the right approach for you, drop us a note or call our Sales Department at (646) 213-1442.

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